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Referral Scheme

Dream Medical Referral Scheme – Earn up to £1000 per candidate referred

Recommend a healthcare colleague or a friend and earn a un- capped percentage based on the number of candidates referred.

Our schedule of available bonus for the specific sectors is outlined below.

GPs Nurses Non Clinical
£25K to £50K
£250 Permanent
£15K to £25K
£150 Practice managers £250
£50K to £75K
£500 Permanent
£25K to £50K
£250 Support Staff £250
£75K to £100K
£750 Permanent
£50K to £75K
£100K and above
£1000 Locums 100hrs worked = £125 referral bonus    
Locums 100hrs worked = £250 referral bonus        


Refer a friend via the referral form by clicking here

Our referral Scheme provides a fee payment to registered candidates in return for the introduction of candidates. The payment is provided only when Dream Medical have successfully placed the candidate under the scheme, you will be eligible for a one-off fee payment per candidate subject to the following conditions:

Unlike other referral schemes, to recommend a medical professional to Dream Medical you DO NOT have to be registered with us. Happy to hear from anyone!!

Terms and conditions

  • The referred candidate must not already be registered with us (or we have not had contact with the candidate for 2 years).
  • You must register the candidate via referral form (Click here)
  • Where the same candidate is introduced by more than one person, only the first application received will qualify for a fee.
  • We successfully place the candidate with a client within six months of the date of your introduction.
  • Once placed, the candidate must continue in the employment for a minimum period of 12 weeks, after which the fee will be paid.
  • For contract employment, the candidate must continue in the employment for a minimum period of two consecutive months, after which the fee will be paid. The maximum sum payable will be upto £1000
  • If you operate a Limited Company, fee payments will be made to your Limited Company, for which a company invoice is required.
  • In the event of a disputed fee, the company’s decision shall be final.
  • We retain the right to change the conditions of or cancel the scheme without written notice.